Our Friends, IVN Laundry

Founded by two brothers in 1987, we opened our doors in an area strongly influenced by the textile sector - Fradelos - a village 30 km from the city of Porto, in Portugal. We were one of the first industrial laundries in the Iberian Peninsula and were part of a new generation of textile industries that began operating in Portugal at that time. With only two washing machines, the first thing we washed were our famous dungarees.

They were so successful that, three years later, we moved to facilities that were five times the size where we've been to this day. In 1992, we expanded our business to include the dyeing of manufactured products and home textiles. In 30 years, we have grown and perfected our washing and dyeing techniques, making us a benchmark in Portugal.

With a daily capacity of 15 000 units in washing, 10 tonnes in dyeing and 5 000 units in special finishes, we incorporate sustainable practices into each business unit, including washing without dangerous chemicals and using organic dyes and normal or special dyeing processes, for natural, artificial and synthetic fibres. 

In 2017, a biomass boiler replaced natural gas without heating and drying. Sustainability is one of the pillars of our strategy, so we work daily to build a future for our planet.

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