Where Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Style

Kestin is a fashion brand that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern, urban sensibility. Founded by the eponymous designer in 2014, this Scottish brand has gained a reputation for its commitment to quality, attention to detail, and innovative design.

Heritage Meets Innovation

Kestin draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Scottish textiles and the rugged, natural beauty of the country's landscapes. This heritage is skillfully woven into every piece, creating a unique and authentic feel. From Harris Tweed to lambswool, the brand incorporates the finest materials, ensuring that each garment is not only stylish but also long-lasting.

Urban Aesthetic

While rooted in tradition, Kestin's designs also embrace the contemporary urban lifestyle. The brand's collections offer a fresh, modern take on classic silhouettes. Whether it's a finely tailored jacket, a cozy knit sweater, or a versatile pair of trousers, the garments are designed with the modern wearer in mind, offering both style and comfort.


Kestin is committed to sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. This dedication to the environment is reflected in their pieces, making them not only fashionable but also responsible choices for conscientious consumers.

Conclusion: A Brand of Distinction

In a world of fast fashion, Kestin stands out as a brand of distinction. It brings together the best of Scotland's textile heritage and contemporary urban design, creating a unique fusion that appeals to those who appreciate quality and style. If you're looking for fashion that combines craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, Kestin is a brand worth exploring. It's a testament to the enduring allure of fashion that's made to last.