Kuroki Co. Ltd

Kuroki Label

Kuroki, founded in 1950 by Tamotsu Kuroki, is one of only a few denim makers In Japan that are equipped with both dying, weaving and finishing plants. They can therefor control quality through out their entire production process.

When dying their yarns Kuroki uses the naturally soft water in the beautiful region of Ibara to bring out a clear blue indigo tone. The water is then treated and restored according to Japans very comprehensive inland sea restriction. It is then returned to the river where the water is used to irrigate the vegetable fields and rice paddies of Okayama.

Even though Kuroki is a very modern mill they put great emphasis on the fact that automation leaves something to be desired. Therefor, alongside their modern machines, shuttle loom and jacquard weaving methods are used. This gives Kuroki a versatile range of fabric styles, while staying true to their heritage and original product. 

Singeing, washing and skewing are all parts of the finishing step at the Kuroki mill. This is done to control texture, stability and structure of the fabric before going through last inspection, concluding their ’start-to-finish’ production.