C.O.F. Studio Denim - Find Your Fit

M2 Regular:
The M2 has a classic silhouette throughout and features a medium-high rise with slight suppression in the waist and a regular straight leg. A traditional, timeless fit that suits all occasions. 
M2 Regular styles

M3 Regular Tapered:
The M3 is based off the M2 Regular but with tapering from the thigh to he hem. It also features a lower cut waistline with close to no suppression. A modern twist on a classic slim denim fit.   
M3 Regular Tapered styles

M5 Straight:
The M5 has a roomy, comfortable cut and straight leg. Sits high with a slightly suppressed waistline and tilted top block. A more spacious alternative to a classic straight fit. 
M5 Straight styles

M7 Tapered:
The M7 combines the spacious top block of the M5 with the tapered leg of the M3. Sits mid-high at the waist with a gentle tapering that follows the leg’s natural curve. A modern fit great for everyday use.
M7 Tapered styles

M8 Loose Tapered:
The M8 is a more contemporary fit featuring a normal to high rise with medium suppression at the waistline.
Loose and relaxed over the thigh and with a slight tapering from the knee down to the somewhat ’pinched’ hem. 
M8 Loose Tapered styles

M9 Relaxed Straight:
The M9 is another contemporary silhouette featuring a high waist with little to no suppression. A spacious leg throughout with a wider opening and slightly longer inseam. For a relaxed and comfortable fit.
M9 Relaxed Straight styles


We hope that this overview will help you find the right style and size.
For size charts and specific measurements  please follow the link featured in each product description.