Collection: Paraboot

Paraboot is based in Saint Jean de Moirans, France, and was founded in 1908 by Rémy Richard. In trade shows in the USA, Rémy noticed the rubber ”boots” worn by the Americans. The name Paraboot comes from “Para”– a port in Amazonia, where the latex was exported from, and "boot" – the interesting new shoe he discovered in the United States. 

Very few made-in-France brands remain today and Paraboot is one of the most renowned and highest quality. The shoes are durable enough for the outdoors, yet stylish enough to be worn in the city. Paraboots high-quality leather is not as rugged as American boot brands, but over time the shoes break in from a stodgy dress shoe to a comfortable wardrobe essential. 

Paraboot is a French family brand that over one hundred years after its founding is run by the fourth generation.